Audio Equipments Rental

Zoom H8 Recorder

12-Track Portable Recorder, Stereo Microphones, 6 Inputs, Touchscreen Interface, Battery Powered, for Stereo/Multitrack Audio for Video, Podcasting, and Music

Zoom H6 Recorder

Detachable X/Y capsule perfect for all types of live recording Four mic/line level inputs for connection of microphones and line sources Records up to 24-bit/96kHz

Senheiser 416 Boom Mic

Short shotgun interference tube mic for film, radio, and television, especially for outside applications. Excellent directivity and compact design.

Senheiser G4 Wireless Lapel

Broadcast quality Camera-Mount Wireless Microphone System Ideal for Reporting, Youtube, Vlogging, Filmmakers

Rode NTG 4 + Boom Mic

Broadcast sound quality Rugged metal construction High Frequency Boost High Pass Filter

Rode Wireless Go II Dual Channel

Dual channel wireless microphone system for recording two sound sources simultaneously, TRS analog output, flexible gain control

Rode Blimp

Rode Blimp

Boom Pole

Boom Pole

Boom Pole

Wireless Mic

Wireless Boom

DJI Mic Wireless 2 Channel